Visual QA Testing for Unity Games

Speed up production time and improve your game QA processes with visual analytics. rob0 helps identify bugs and issues within your Unity game. 

Add AI powered insights to your development cycle, playtests and live game monetization reporting. Just add the SDK and start using our QA software to improve and get closer to the perfect game.

rob0 Mascot presenting analytics

Accelerate Your Development Cycle with Visual Insights

Quality assurance is important throughout the development of a Unity game. Whether you are playtesting a game or troubleshooting a live app, our visual analytics platform helps bring clarity to the questions asked by developers, creatives and product managers.

Replay Moments that Show the Bug

rob0 is a visual memory for your Unity project.  Replay game sessions or key moments. Clearly understand how players move through your game and payment flow.. 

Understand how your project is displayed on devices of different sizes and shapes. Perfect for troubleshooting live games or playtesting a new release candidate.

rob0 - Gameplay Review Dashboard
rob0 - Game Analytics Segmentation Dashboard

AI Powered Segmentation and Events

Don’t waste time sorting through charts and graphs. Skip directly to the moment where the issue exists.  Our visual learning algorithm uses AI to help speed up QA. See key events visually on a playback timeline. 

All sessions are stored in our secure, GDPR compliant data warehouse. Just add the no-code SDK and streamline the quality assurance of your mobile, PC or VR game.

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