Session Replay for Unity Games

Make playtesting, QA and monetization analysis simple.  Add the ability to replay game sessions to your Unity project.

rob0 adds AI powered visual learning to your testing and development stack with no additional code. 

rob0 Mascot presenting analytics

Tools to Build the Perfect Game

Observe and Analyze Game Play

See exactly how your Unity project looks on different devices. rob0 makes playtesting Unity games and troubleshooting live releases simple. 

The session dashboard allows you to replay game moments to help you understand how players interact with your game.

rob0 - Gameplay Review Dashboard
rob0 - Game Analytics Segmentation Dashboard

Player Segmentation Powered by AI

Not all users are of an equal quality. Our analysis engine segments players based on retention and helps you see the fastest, user friendly way to improve your game monetization. 

View game sessions based on common drop off points and share the footage with your team. No additional coding required.

Timeline Based Game Events

Reviewing playtest footage can be a full time job. Our gameplay capture technology lets you see inside the game. Observe full or partial sessions from playtest and live releases. 

rob0 includes a visual learning algorithm to mark key events on the playback timeline. The color coded events show you exactly where to focus your attention to improve your Unity game.

rob0 - Gameplay Review Dashboard

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