Tools to Improve your Unity Game

Put the time you would spend coding custom telemetry into making an amazing game! rob0 adds a full suite of visual analytics to your Unity project with no additional code. 

Observe real player data throughout QA, playtesting and live releases without slowing down your game. Our AI powered insights show you exactly where and why players leave.

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Visual QA Testing Tool for Development and Live Releases

Level up your project with visual session data from real players. Observe game moments to understand how your game can improve. rob0 integrates with any Unity project in just a few clicks. Compatible with mobile, VR and PC games.

Game Session Replay

Make quality assurance easier for everyone on the development and creative team. Add visual analytics to your QA process with session replay.

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QA Tools for Games

Understand the player experience of your PC game in both the test and live environments. Watch gameplay and share time stamped notes with your team.

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AI Powered Retention & Engagement Insights

AI powered segmentation for live games built in Unity. View key player moments, analyze acquisition by cohort and improve your game monetization.

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Business Intelligence for Every Step of the Game Release Cycle

Capture and observe bugs, then share them with the rest of your development team. Save time diagnosing the issues in early releases.

Setup and send out a playtest with only a few clicks. Capture the entire experience and analyze what works and where there is room to improve.

User Acquisition
Understand the quality of your acquisition campaigns at the gameplay level. See when and why players quit games early.

Live Operations
Maximize your revenue by testing, observing and improving. See how different monetization tactics affect play.

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