How to Setup and Use rob0

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Add the rob0 SDK to your Unity Project

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1) Download the SDK

To get started with rob0, you will need to add the SDK to your project. 

Download the latest version here.

2) Optimize Your Unity Project

Unity has developed features to reduce lag when reading from the GPU. The optimal settings for your project will depend on the delivery platform.

Android Requirements

  • Unity 2018.1 or above
  • Vulkan graphics API

iOS Requirements

  • Unity 2018.3 or above
  • Metal API

Computer Requirements (PC / Mac)

  • Unity 2018.1 or above
  • Graphics API that allows asynchronous GPU read back

Have questions about a specific configuration?
Reach us via our Discord Channel.

3) Configure rob0 Editor Plugin

In your Unity project, go to:
Assets > Import Package > Custom Package

Find and select rob0-sdk-unity.unity package and import all assets.

4) Add your rob0 application key

In your Unity project.

Go to rob0 > Edit Settings

Log into your rob0 account and navigate to the Project Info tab.

Your API key is located in the General Project Information area.

Click to copy your API key and then paste it into the rob0 editor within your Unity project. 

That’s it! Your SDK is configured. 

Run your app, link your device(s) in the rob0 and start discovering valuable insights.

Link a device to your rob0 project

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Before linking a device, you must create a project in rob0, and install and configure the SDK in your Unity Project.

1) Log in to rob0 and go to your project dashboard

2) Click the “Link a new Device” button. 

It’s located in the top right of the device panel.

Note: You must have owner or admin privileges to link a device. If you do not see the button, contact your account Administrator.

3) Choose the type of device you’d like to link

For testing in Unity:

Press play in your Unity application, then click “Link a Device” in rob0.

For mobile devices:

Open your app on the device you’d like to link.

Shake your mobile device and press the Link a Device button.

4) Name your device and Save

5) Restart your Unity or mobile app

rob0 will now capture the experience of all sessions on your linked device. 


Pause / un-pause rob0 on a test device

Once linked, rob0 will capture all experience data from within your application. You can pause rob0 on any linked device from the project dashboard.

1) Find the device you would like to pause in the Project Dashboard

2) Open the more options menu for the linked device

3) Click to slide the Pause Device toggle

Have a question that is specific to your application? Stop by our discord group and we’ll be happy to help you out.