Playtesting and QA for VR Games

Playtesting and quality assurance gets difficult in three dimensions. rob0 captures the full VR experience of your Unity game and lets you watch where players struggle. 

Speed up QA and development with a few lines of code.

See What Players See: Test Your VR Game

Building an amazing VR game or experience involves many technical challenges. Understand how players interact with your virtual game environments without having to build specialized software. 

rob0 integrates with any Unity project and has been developed alongside VR developers. Watch from the perspective of your players and understand their inputs in a way the leads to rapid improvement of your game.

Playtesting for VR Games

Our playtesting software was built alongside VR companies. Watch, annotate sessions and share bugs with the development team. Integrate with any Unity project in a few clicks.

No-code SDK

Spend your time developing the VR experience, not coding custom analytics and reports. Add the rob0 plugin to your project, paste your API key, deploy and start testing.

Privacy First

Data privacy is important to us. rob0 is fully GDPR compliant and ready to be used in development and live environments not matter where your company is located.

Full Featured VR Playtesting

rob0 mascot, working on his game

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