PC Game Playtesting Made Simple

Playtest your PC game with just a few clicks. rob0 captures the full experience of your Unity game and highlights key moments of player frustration.

Test Your Unity Game and Improve Player Success

Keeping players engaged and motivated is essential to a successful PC game. rob0 can help you see exactly where players are struggling within your game flows.

We use AI to observe and highlight events within your game to help you improve the user experience and monetization. Compatible with all Unity projects deployed on PC. 


Playtesting for VR Games

Our playtesting software allows you to observe, annotate and share bugs from within your PC game. Remove bottlenecks and speed up your development cycle with our Unity plugin.

No-code SDK

Implementing traditional analytics takes time. Spend your valuable minutes developing your PC game. Just add the rob0 plugin to your project, paste in your API key and start testing. 

Privacy First

Understand the metrics of your live PC game. rob0 captures, observes and presents your live player sessions in a way that shows you exactly where and why players struggle.

Tools to Improve Your PC Game

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