Simple Playtesting for Unity Games

Playtesting a game is complex and time consuming. Our playtesting tool captures the in-game experience and shows you to exactly when and why players leave. 

Quickly create in-house tests and optimize player retention. Works on any Unity project. 

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Software to Test Your Game and Understand Player Retention

Organizing a playtest can be messy. Setting up technical systems, capturing game play and analyzing results all take time. rob0 gives you a single source of truth for game improvement across platforms. Create a playtest in a few clicks and move closer to creating the perfect game.

Mobile Game Playtesting

Mobile Games

To QA a mobile game, you need to test on multiple devices. Each operating system, brand and screen size can present unique problems.

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PC Game Playtesting

PC Games

Understand the player experience of your PC game in both the test and live environments. Watch gameplay and share time stamped notes with your team.

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VR Game Playtesting

VR Games

Add another dimension to your VR game. rob0’s retention analytics was built alongside this emerging industry.  See exactly how players interact with your VR game.

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Add Session Replay to Your Testing Pipeline

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