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Simple visual analytics tools for PC, VR and mobile game development. See exactly when and why players leave your app.

Create an experience that gamers will love!

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Visual analytics to improve player retention

rob0 game analytics interface

Monitor, replay and easily understand problems in your game. We use AI to show you design patterns that hurt game profitability and user experience. rob0 shows you the needle in the haystack!

Remove the complexity of playtesting a game. Capture all session data, debug and share footage with the rest of your team.

Spot issues with your build and give you instant replay. Learn from vital moments where players get stuck, exit a flow or close the game.

Find the perfect level of difficulty. See where to present in-app purchases and increase the retention of in your games.

Tools to make amazing games

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"rob0 helped my team to avoid wasting time arguing on decisions to take. The video snapshot is very handy when we need to ask ourselves: do players understand this feature?"
Maxime Tresal-Mauroz
Executive Producer